Hot Rocks

Fillet Steak         8 oz             £22.95

Kangaroo Fillet                (Rock Only)  £20.95

Sirloin Steak 8oz              £18.95

Lamb Steak                     (Rock Only)        £18.95

Tuna Steak     (Rock Only)  £15.95

Venison                           (Rock Only)        £20.95

Rump Steak              8oz                       £15.75

Wild Boar Haunch Steak        (Rock Only)     £19.95

Halloumi Skewers             (Rock only) (v)       £14.95


Add a sauce : Peppercorn, Stilton or Red Wine & Mushroom £3.00

Beer Battered Onion Rings £2.85            Mushrooms £2.25 


Hot rock meals are served with a choice of chunky seasoned chips, new potatoes or mashed

Mixed leaf salad, peppers, tomato, cucumber & homemade balsamic dressing

Weights are approximate prior to cooking. Due the very nature of our Hot Rock system, we would recommend that you use extreme caution when dining and avoid touching the rock. We do not recommend this menu for young children or parties where young children are involved. * Due to the character of some of these products we will only serve them on the rocks. If you wish to know more before ordering or you’d prefer your steak cooked & served on a normal plate, please speak to one of our staff, they will be happy to assist you.  Hot Rocks are not available before 4.00pm on Sundays and are subject to availability

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